electrical curing oven for transformer
    electrical curing oven for transformer

Product Description:


Electrical Baking Oven (hot air circulation drying)

hot air drying oven for distribution transformers;
Hot air electrical curing oven for dry transformers coils
A: Function and application
It is specially designed baking oven for drying of Transformers, Motors and Insulation Material.
It can be applied for drying of variant transformer item:
1.CCA /Active Parts of oil immersed transformer;
2.Dry type transformer,
3.Instrument transformer.
4.Insulation material
5.VPI impregnated motors



B: Principle and control mode
The oven is automatic operated. Drying method is hot air circulation. Centrifugal blowers located on top of oven. Heating elements are installed on both side of oven. Thermal insulation is made around oven. Air flow route is as follow map.
C. Main technical data

Operating temperature range
Room temperature—200
Time of temperature rise of empty oven
Rise from room temperature to 200 ≤ 100min
Oven surface temperature
≤ Room temperature+25
Temperature uniformity
≤ ±2.5%

D. Temperature control:

It can set program for step heating. With PT100 to detect temperature of each job