About us
    YM Machinery is a professional solution, engineering and trading company, which mainly servers for:
    1.    Transformer production industry;
    2.    Metal annealing industry;
    3.    Oil purification industry;
    4.    Powder metallurgy industry;
    5.    Wire enameling industry.
    In Chinese market, there are more than 2500 transformer manufacturers (distribution transformer, power transformer, dry-type transformer, oil-immersed transformer, CT, VT etc).
    Chinese transformer industry developed very well from 1990s to 2010s.
    So transformer machinery and transformer components industry developed very well.
    YM Machinery could supply vacuum drying oven,  Cut-To-Length Line for Transformer Lamination, winding machine(Foil winding machine, wire winding), testing equipment, insulation material and transformer components etc.
    So far, YM Machinery has provided machines for transformer manufacturing giants like ABB, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, Hyundai, TOSHIBA, EFACEC, CG, Hitachi etc.
    Our machines have been exported to USA, Germany, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia etc.
    YM Machineryalso supply
    A: Copper/ Aluminum Wire Enameling Machine and Wire Drawing Machine;
    B: Various industry heating oven;
    C: Powder metallurgy sintering furnace;
    D: Metal annealing oven;
    E: Hydraulic pressing machines.