Chinese unicore machine
    Chinese unicore machine

Product Description:


Produce the transformer's  specifications,High voltage1035kV;Capacity30kVA3150KVA;Oil transformerDry transformerTraction transformer and so on

  1Processing single set of silicon steel sheetWidth of silicon steel sheet 410mm

  2Processing double sets of silicon steel sheetWidth of silicon steel sheet 190mm

  3The equipment has the function of speed regulation, which can be adjusted according to the operator's proficiency

  4The blades are made of cemented carbide

5The bending angle of silicon steel sheet is 45°Each Unicore lamination is fully formed by the Unicore machine

UCM425 Unicore Machine, made in China
Chinese Unicore machine manufacturer;

China unicore machine manufacturer;
Chinese unicore machine;
China unicore machine
Unicore machine, made in China;

Unicore machine manufacturer in China