Vapour Phase Drying (VPD) plant
    Vapour Phase Drying (VPD) plant

Product Description:


Vapor Phase Drying (VPD) Plant
Vapor Phase Drying technology is from Europe, invented in 1960s. China brought in this technology in 1980s. Kerosene vapor is used as heat-transfer-medium to dry transformer (mainly above 110Kv, power transformer).
Advantages of VPD plant:
1.Drying under no oxygen condition, final heating up temperature can reach 125130.
2.Heating speed is fast; heat of kerosene phase changing is 306.06kJ/kg. As it is vapor heating, every part is heated evenly.
3.Water is extracted from insulation material very fast. After drying, moisture content is very low.
4.Kerosene can wash dust and foreign material on transformer.
Parameters of our VPD plant:

Ultimate vacuum
0.1 mbar
Leakage rate (unload, cold condition)
< 5 mbar*L/ s.
Temperature of autoclave wall during fine vacuum phase
125~135 °C
Temperature accuracy controlled
± 3°C
Temperature of insulation material
Average temperature of the dried object

Now, Vapor Phase Drying Plant is the most popular drying method for power transformer production. Even it is a requirement of transformer user.
We supplied VPD for Siemens, ABB, TBEA group etc.
And exported VPD to South Africa, Vietnam, and Pakistan etc. 

Our VPD experts were involved in VPD researching field more than 30 years. Supplied more 30 sets VPD plant for transformer manufacturers.

Now, we have most advanced VPD for site drying of transformers at power substations.
Our movable VPD plant photos as follow:

Chinese VPD manufacturer;
China VPD manufacturer;
Chinese Vapor phase drying plant;
Vapor phase drying plant, made in China;
VPD manufacturer in China