Transformer Insulation 3-axis machining centers
    Transformer Insulation 3-axis machining centers

Product Description:

Transformer Insulation 3-axis machining centers

1.     The application
This is a CNC equipment designed for processing the insulating components, the wood board laminated and the paperboard in the large-scale transformers. With the functions of automatic changing tools, fixing workpiece by vacuum absorption as well as to make the workpiece's drawing by operator through computer, it is really to achieve the full automatic operation from the drawings to the final forming.
2.     Technical specifications and parameters
The size of working table
3300 mm×3300mm
The effective size to process
3300 mm×3300mm×120mm
The load-bearing
The RPM of high speed spindle
The Max.power of spindle
The spindle taper 
The stroke
The speed of the cutter's fast moving:
X.Y directions  020m/min
Z direction       05m/min    
The processing speed 
3. Composition of the equipment.
3.1 Bedplate
3.2 Working table
3.3 Mobile gantry
3.4 Cantilever vertical spindle
3.5 Tools changer device
3.6 Vacuum absorption system
3.7 Dust collecting system
3.8 Lubrication system
3.9 Cooling system
3.10 Pneumatic system
3.11 CNC system,etc.