HV foil winding machine
    HV foil winding machine

Product Description:


High-voltage foil winding machine
Foil winding machine for transformer HV coil winding

HV coil winding machine

1.    Application:

Purposes: it for wound transformers, high-pressure segment of the reactor pressure foil around the coil.

2.Main components of equipment

 2.1 Decoiler and alignment device (1set) (loading 1 ton)

2.2 Alignment sensoring device (1 set)

2.3 The layer insulation unwinding device(2 sets)

2.4 Welding device(1 set)

2.5 Winding device (1 set)

2.6 Decoiler pressing device(1 set)

2.7 Deburring unit (1 set)

2.8 Cleaning decice(1 set)

2.9 Electronic control system (1 set)

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