Cut-To-Length Line for Transformer Lamination
    Cut-To-Length Line for Transformer Lamination

Product Description:

 Cut-To-Length Line for Transformer Lamination(with auto step-lap function).


1. Double head decoiler

Coil ID: 500mm; Coil OD: 1200mm (Max.)

Coil weight: 1.5 T (Max.)

Decoiler speed: Adjust with feeder

Decoiler use synchronization stepless speed regulation with feeding, motor rotation.


2. Buffer pit

The buffer pit is between the coiler and feeder, to make sure the material in free condition before crossing the sheet feeder .the buffer pit guaranteed by precise optical grating sensor, that control the coiler revolving, slow down, cut-off and the coiler ‘s head braking; The feeder do not work when the feeder work fast and precise optical grating encode guarantee moving slow, to make sure the same feeding speed between the coiler and the feeder to avoid the material straightening or banking up in buffer pit.


3. Feeder machine

Make up of Up and down feeding roller and length measurement roller etc, feeder roller drive system adopt Germany Siemens drive motion control system. Center position, feeder can longitudinal whole translation; servo motor drive. Encoder length measurement.

Feed roller adopts polyurethane, normal use 0-120 m/min, highest feeding speed of 180M/min.


4. O punch and V notch parts

Mainly include O punch and V notch 1 set, servo motor driver.

O punch and V notch have horizontal step function, according to the program to automatic adjust.

Stepping series can up to seven steps.

O punch and V notch use servo motor drive, high efficiency, have low noise.

Cutter life: Each grinding can use at less 1 million times


5. Shearing part

Mainly make up of + 45 º and -45º shearing cutter. Discharging roller. Drive with servo motor.

Cutter life: Each grinding can use at less 1 million times


6. Discharging platform

Unilateral positioning, transmission belt stepless speed regulation, discharging smoothly.

Discharging motor use Germany ABB motor, Toshiba inverter control.


7. Layered machine

Can complete the upper and lower discharging, mainly make by discharging device, transmission magnetic belt etc.


8. Control cabinet and operation platform

Use the Siemens motion control dedicated system, it can realize multi-axissynchronization movement, realize complex shear demand; Human interface design, use convenient, powerful, speed is ordinary sports module to 10 times.


9. Electric control system

The electric control system includes main electric control cabinet and work station.



Main technical parameters

1. Rang of work

Thickness: 0.23 - 0.35mm

Width: 60 - 640mm

Length: 600 - 3500mm


2. Require for coil

Width tolerance: ±0.1mm


S deviation between: 2000mm, 0.2mm


3. Precision

Length tolerance: ±0.2mm

Angle tolerance: ±0.025°



4. Feeding speed: 150m/min

1) Cuter life: More than one million (Each grinding); Hard alloy material

2) Total installed capacity: About 30Kw

3) Total gas consumption: 1 M3/min